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Kendra Kuliga is the co-producer of Raven’s Night, a professional graphic designer, and a drag king legend known as Ken Vegas.

Ken started drag in December 1996 as a contestant in a Drag King Contest in Washington DC, which was a fundraiser for the DC Dyke March produced by the Lesbian Avengers. In 1999 Lizerace (NY Drag King) told Ken about a new conference called the International Drag King Extravaganza (IDKE) in Columbus, Ohio.

The experience was so impactful that Ken wanted to share the message of being respectful and supportive to fellow kings rather than be competitive. Ken formed the troupe the DC Kings in March of 2000 which lasted till 2015, making it one of the longest running regular drag king shows. Ken was able to induct over 400 Drag Kings into the DC Kings. In 2001 Ken created “The Great Big International Drag King Show” and invited performers from all over the World: Australia, Ireland, Sweden, Italy, England, Canada, and the US. This was the largest drag king show in the World for seven years, with its last year attracting 1000 people to come watch.

Ken also co-created “Kingdom Magazine” with Canada’s own ‘Carlos Las Vegas’ documenting drag king history, drag shows, our arts and photographs, from performers from again, all over the World.

And Ken is still going! Currently working with fellow king legend Mo B. Dick on the website dragkinghistory.com which documents the history of performance starting with the Tang Dynasty (618 AD) to today. The importance of recording history and honoring those who came before us is paramount to Ken’s heart. As we can not appreciate where we are if we are disconnected from our roots. History gives our art depth. Ken’s love of Drag Kinging has spanned over 23 years and he is excited about performing at this year’s Raven’s Night.

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